Request Proposal Price for Standards Connect

Before you begin, let us make sure a subscription in Standards Connect is right for you.

Reasons Standards Connect may be right for you

A subscription has annual terms and benefits those that need an online platform to access, review, search, monitor and collaborate on required standards on an on-going basis.

A pricing plan for a subscription is built that fits your organization, based on:

Your list of specific standard(s) or collection(s) of standards or block of standards
The number of locations accessing the standards
The number of employees that need access

If your requirements for a standard(s) are based on:

One person needing access to a few standards
You need a one-time download of a few standards
You do not need to post the standards to a network environment
You do not have an annual spend of more than $1,000 on standards

You should consider an individual purchase instead.

Please be as specific as possible, including the publishing Standard Developer and the document number and/or title. For example, ISO 9001 or ASTM Section 04 Construction. If your list of standards is large you may email your request to the Sales representative in your geographical area.
A site/location is a physical address with a different zip code. For telecommuters, a site is referred to as the headquarter office the employee reports to.