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ANSI/ISA 92.00.01-2010 (R2015)

Performance Requirements for Toxic Gas Detectors

1.1 This standard provides minimum requirements for the construction, performance, and testing of portable, transportable, mobile, and stationary electrical apparatus whose purpose is for the detection, measurement and notification of toxic gas in air that are used to enhance the safety of personnel in commercial and industrial locations. NOTE 1 ù Laboratory- or scientific-type analysis or process control performance requirements are not part of this standard. a) Residential locations are outside the scope of this standard. NOTE 2 ù Performance requirements for detection of flammable (explosive) concentrations of toxic gas(es) are not the purpose of this standard. NOTE 3 ù The user should be aware of environmental effects on both the apparatus and the toxic gas. The effects are not intended to be evaluated by this standard. Hereafter, the term ôapparatusö will refer to ôgas-detection apparatus.ö

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The International Society of Automation [ISA]

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