Adhesive Tape

Aerospace adhesive standards are applicable to the use of adhesive and sealant materials in aerospace vehicles. These standards address the preparation of sealant material specifications and aerospace recommended practices for sealing processes and related activities. For example: the sealing of integral fuel tanks. SAE International (SAE) has several technical committees (.doc download) that contribute to the development of aerospace adhesive standards. These standards are related to adhesives performance in an aerospace application.

SAE AMS 3808B-2015 (SAE AMS3808B-2015)

Tape, Adhesive, Pressure-Sensitive Masking (Stabilized: Apr 2015)

This specification covers three types of masking materials in the form of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. This tape has been used typically for temporary indoor protection of aircraft surfaces from finishing materials where adhesive transfer to the finished surface is not desirable, but usage is not limited to such applications. Also for use on chemical conversion coatings or on anodized aluminum alloy surfaces which have been finish with epoxy primer and urethane top coatings and for use on all clean metal surfaces.

SAE AMS 3809A-2015 (SAE AMS3809A-2015)

Tape, Adhesive, Pressure-Sensitive, Double-Faced, Carpet Tie Down (Stabilized: Apr 2015)

This specification covers a fabric in the form of a double-faced, pressure-sensitive, adhesive tape.

SAE AMS-T-21595-1998 (SAE AMS-T-21595-1998)

Tapes, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive, Masking, Non-Staining - for Aircraft Painting Applications

This specification covers pressure sensitive adhesive tape designed for masking and color separation application during aircraft painting operations. It is designed for use with all common finishes but is especially designed for use with polyurethane coating systems conforming to MIL-C-83286.

SAE AMS-T-22085-1999 (SAE AMS-T-22085-1999)

Tapes, Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive, Preservation and Sealing

This specification establishes the requirements for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes designed for exterior preservation and sealing of military vehicles, aircraft, missiles and other related equipment during handling, shipment and storage.