Preventive Maintenance Standards

Preventive Maintenance is the planned maintenance of plant infrastructure and equipment with the goal of improving equipment life by preventing excess depreciation and impairment. This maintenance includes, but is not limited to, adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, repairs, and replacements. Due to the varying nature of each plant, it is extremely difficult to establish a successful preventive maintenance program without the proper guidelines and instructions.

NFPA 70B-2019

NFPA 70B Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, 2019 edition

This recommended practice applies to preventive maintenance for electrical, electronic, and communication systems and equipment and is not intended to duplicate or supersede instructions that manufacturers normally provide. Systems and equipment covered are typical of those installed in industrial plants, institutional and commercial buildings, and large multifamily residential complexes. Consumer appliances and equipment intended primarily for use in the home are not included. The purpose of this recommended practice is to reduce hazards to life and property that can result from failure or malfunction of industrial-type electrical systems and equipment. Chapters 4, 5, and 6 of these recommendations for an effective electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) program have been prepared with the intent of providing a better understanding of benefits, both direct and intangible, that can be derived from a well-administered EPM program. This recommended practice explains the function, requirements, and economic considerations that can be used to establish such an EPM program.

AGA X01084

LNG Preventive Maintenance Guide

For LNG plant owners/operators, to develop and implement an effective preventive maintenance program for their facilities. It will help them determine the types and frequency of tests and inspections to be included. 120 pages. 1984.

TAPPI TIP 0305-34:2008

Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance checklists

This technical information paper is to be used as a guide to establish specific plant maintenance checklists. It is a starting point, and modifications will be required to fit specific plant circumstances as dictated by actual machine types, and other local factors.

NEMA ICS 1.3-1986 (R2020)

Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Control and Systems Equipment

Covers fundamental principles, safety precautions and common guidelines for preventive maintenance of most industrial control and systems equipment. Intended to supplement more specific maintenance instructions that may be provided for particular product lines, specific products and other NEMA Standards and manufacturer publications.


Guidelines for Inspection and Preventive Maintenance of Switches Used in Commercial and Industrial Applications

Provides basic procedures for the inspection and preventive maintenance of switches used in commercial and industrial applications rated up to and including 600 V 50/60 Hz ac or ac/dc.