Z88 Respirator Protection Standards


Respiratory Protection - Respirator Use - Physical Qualifications for Personnel

This standard provides information that is useful for the medical evaluation of respirator users. Physicians or other licensed health care professionals will benefit by using this information to determine the medical suitability of personnel for respirator use.


Color Coding of Air-Purifying Respirator Canisters, Cartridges, and Filters

This standard will assist you in the identification of air-purifying respirator canisters, cartridges, and filters used to provide respiratory protection against gases, vapors, or particles. Manufacturers, users, and governmental regulatory agencies will find accurate and rapid identification of selected industrial respiratory protective devices.

ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z88.10-2010

Respirator Fit Testing Methods

Respiratory protection program managers receive clear and consistent guidance on the respirator fit-testing components of an effective respiratory protection program. This guide includes instructions regarding potential interference from personal protective equipment, detailed information on respirator face pieces, selection of face pieces, and other considerations for effective fit testing.