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Semiconductor Device Standards

Semiconductor Device Standards focus on IEC published series, including IEC series 60747, 62047, 61290, 61291, and 61292. Besides those, devices such as switchgear/controlgear, converters, X-ray machines, and others are addressed. The device that a semiconductor is intended for dictates the properties of the semiconductor, so the standards that apply to the design and test methods for the device are relevant for the semiconductor, as well as larger devices in which these are included.

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IEC 60747 Series - Semiconductor Devices

The IEC 60747 series of semiconductor standards covers discrete devices, integrated circuits, semiconductor sensors, microwave integrated circuits, and others as part of its 28 part series. These devices are used as the building blocks for a wide range of more complicated devices, so standardization at this level directly contributes to the standardization of levels further down the design and fabrication process.

IEC 61290, 61291, and 61292 Series - Optical Amplifiers

The IEC 61290, 61291, and 61292 series focuses on optical amplifiers, including those based on semiconductors (SOAs). IEC 61290 is a 22 part series covering methodology of analysis using optical amplifiers. IEC 61291 contains general and performance specifications. Lastly, IEC 61292 is a series of technical reports (IEC/TR) that provides additional information.

IEC 62047 Series - Micro-Electromechanical Devices - MEMS

The IEC 62047 series of semiconductor standards concerns itself with micro-electromechanical devices, also known as MEMS. This 22 standard series starts from the basics with terms, definitions, and general specs, and continues on to a range of measurements and test methods such as those for fatigue, compression, bending, and shearing.

Other Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor Device Standards also cover devices outside of those large series. Smaller IEC series and those from other standards developing organizations provide further information about other devices using semiconductors, such as HVDC systems, switchgear/controlgear, X-ray machines, fiber optics, and others.


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