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Sterilization Standards

Having a clean environment is especially important for places such as laboratories and hospitals. This category goes into guidelines and practices for sterilization. This category also contains an extensive list for the sterilization of medical devices.

General Sterilization Standards

General Sterilization contains standards that go over guidelines for sterilization of items and places. This category also has standards that address moist heat, dry heat, steam sterilizers and more.

Medical Devices Radiation Sterilization

Standards in this category are focused on radiation sterilization with medical devices. There are several series of standards for radiation as well as others that focus on guidance measures.

Medical Devices

It is imperative that medical devices are kept clean and sterilized for procedures and surgeries. This category has an extensive list of standards relating to specific aspects of medical devices and more.

Health Care Facilities

Standards in this section specify sterilization in health care facilities. Chemical, ethylene oxide and dry heat sterilization and more are included in this category.

Ethylene Oxide

This category is specific to sterilization with ethylene oxide. This includes standards on the general purpose, requirements and more.


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