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Standards Connect from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides an effective, money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. By selecting content from multiple publishers, you create a subscription that is tailored to your business while only paying for the standards your company needs.

Standards Connect is the subscription service that works for your business and your budget. We custom build a pricing plan that fits your organization, based on:

The specific standard(s) or collection(s) of standards
The number of locations accessing the standards
The number of employees that need access
ANSI members receive discounts on eligible standards
Standards + Subscription Access Option + Standards Connect = Solution

Benefits of Standards Connect

Save time and increase efficiency by accessing up-to-date standards from one centralized location that can be easily viewed by multiple users, whether at one location or many.
Saves Time

Optimizes resource utilization and productivity by highlighting available content and eliminating unnecessary research

Creates a unified environment of over 130 content sources eliminating the need to work and synchronize data across systems

No management of local hardware and clients

Saves Money

Subscription model provides for more predictable budgeting

Choice of content access is made by you, avoiding being locked into content silos or paying for content you don’t need

Substantial savings for multiple users over individual per-document purchases

Simplifies Access

Platform search, collaboration and alerting tools for the most effective/efficient use of your employee’s time

Online Access to standards available worldwide, with offline access availability due to downloadable pdfs

Simultaneous access allowing multiple users to access standards at the same time

Content – Step 1

Choose the standards or groupings of standards you need.

Standards Connect provides access to over half-a-million active and historic standards from more than 130 publishers. Search by a listing of Content Providers or by curated collections of standards that serve a specific area and customize a subscription that meets your content needs!

Solutions for Access – Step 2

Choose how to access your subscriptions, and on which platform.

ANSI offers several solutions for licensing standards. Access your customized subscription in the terms that suit you best, on the platform that meets your needs. ANSI is here to help.

These subscription solutions are delivered through Standards Connect.

Standards Connect Access Solution Options

Standards Blocks

Can’t identify your list of standards? Subscribe to a Block and add standards throughout the year as the demands of your project evolve.


Multiple users access customized sets of standards with cost-savings options available in multi-year terms.


Purchase a standard document that you can print a specified number of for a specific purpose.


The right to incorporate a portion of a standard into your own documents.


A prepaid account allowing for immediate single-user download.

Platform options for Access

standards connect logo
Standards Connect is an online standards management solution that simplifies searching, monitoring, collaborating, purchasing, and accessing standards:
Access subscription list with one click
Utilize home page for internal messaging
Filter by publisher or document status
View abstracts and document revision details
Make personalized annotations
Click cross-reference links
Set up alerts to keep up with changes
Share watchlists with project team
Create “my favorites” lists for easy access
Connect to dedicated support staff

Partner Platforms

A limited Standards Connect subscription can be accessed through the following partner platforms
SC eDaptive

ANSI has partnered with eDaptive Technologies to offer an interactive platform with built-in XML features. The SC eDaptive platform and subscriptions are available directly from ANSI.


You can purchase this platform from LockPath and work directly with ANSI to license specific ISO and IEC standards that are available within this platform.

RSA Archer

You can purchase this platform from RSA Archer and work directly with ANSI to license specific ISO standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002.


You can purchase the Resolver platform and work directly with ANSI to license specific ISO standards that can be accessed within this platform.

One Trust

You can purchase the OneTrust platform and work directly with ANSI to license specific ISO standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002, that can be accessed within this platform.

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Get Started – Step 4

Simplify your standards access, request your pricing proposal for a Standards Subscription Now!