IESO: Indoor Environmental Standards Organization

IESO, the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 to provide a national forum for the development and publication of voluntary consensus standards for the assessment, remediation, and management of indoor environments. Accredited by ANSI in 2007, ESO also offers training and certification programs to promote awareness and compliance to the established standards. Its headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Standards from IESO are available both individually, directly through the ANSI webstore, and as part of a Standards Subscription. If you or your organization are interested in easy, managed, online access to standards that can be shared, a Standards Subscription may be what you need - please contact us at: [email protected] or 1-212-642-4980 or Request Proposal Price.

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IESO Standards Volume 1

Standards of Practice for the Assessment of Indoor Environmental Quality - Volume 1: Mold Sampling; Assessment of Mold Contamination

The second edition of this volume includes basic standards for sample collection and the assessment of indoor environments for mold contamination. These standards were developed by the IESO Standards Sub-Committe, and adopted by an advisory board representing all aspects of mold contamination and its affect on property.