Standards - Sand & Permanent Mold Casting

This manual gives voluntary guidelines covering chemical compositions and physical and mechanical properties. Also covered are linear tolerances, draft requirements, machine-finish allowances, quality control and heat treatments. Provides engineering and metallurgical standards for users and producers, and coordinates American National Standards for casting and facilitates casting alloy, ingot and temper registration. Now with metric as well as U.S. units of measurement. (57 pages)  Includes the following Standards:  AA-CS-E1-92, AA-CS-E2-92, AA-CS-E3-92, AA-CS-E4-92, AA-CS-E5-92, AA-CS-E6-2000, AA-CS-E7-2000, AA-CS-E8-92, AA-CS-E9-92, AA-CS-E10-2000, AA-CS-E11-92, AA-CS-E12-92, AA-CS-E13-92, AA-CS-E14-92, AA-CS-E15-92, AA-CS-E16-2000, AA-CS-E18-92, AA-CS-E19-92, ,AA-CS-E20-92, AA-CS-E21-74, AA-CS-M1-85, AA-CS-M2-84, AA-CS-M3-2000, AA-CS-M4-84, AA-CS-M5-92, AA-CS-M5-85, AA-CS-M6-85, AA-CS-M7-85, AA-CS-M8-85, AA-CS-M9-74, AA-CS-M10-84 ,AA-CS-M11-85

Aluminum Association [aa]

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