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AA SPC-2021

Aluminum Standards for Sand and Permanent Mold Casting

This manual provides guidelines covering chemical compositions and physical and mechanical properties; it is divided into two sections  * ENGINEERING SERIES (E), which establishes metrics for the various tolerances, precisions, allowances and finishes applicable to unmachined cast aluminum products, and * METALLURGICAL SERIES (M), which delves into the properties of the various aluminum alloys and tempers frequently used in casting, and the metallurgical requirements to cast products of desired quality.  This latest edition improves upon the multitude of tolerances specified within the Engineering Series by providing examples for tolerance calculation, along with the addition of precision flatness tolerances for sand molds. The discontinuity level requirements specified in the Aluminum Casting Quality Standard has been updated. The edition also comprehensively builds upon the properties of Aluminum alloys relevant to casting today, including the addition of popular cast alloys such as A206.  The publication includes the following standards:  AA-CS-E1-92, AA-CS-E2-92, AA-CS-E3-92, AA-CS-E4-92, AA-CS-E5-92, AA-CS-E6-2000, AA-CS-E7-2000, AA-CS-E8-92, AA-CS-E9-92, AA-CS-E10-2000, AA-CS-E11-92, AA-CS-E12-92, AA-CS-E13-92, AA-CS-E14-92, AA-CS-E15-92, AA-CS-E16-2000, AA-CS-E18-92, AA-CS-E19-92, ,AA-CS-E20-92, AA-CS-E21-74, AA-CS-M1-85, AA-CS-M2-84, AA-CS-M3-2000, AA-CS-M4-84, AA-CS-M5-92, AA-CS-M5-85, AA-CS-M6-85, AA-CS-M7-85, AA-CS-M8-85, AA-CS-M9-74, AA-CS-M10-84 ,AA-CS-M11-85

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