ANSI/ASA S12.42-2010

Methods for the Measurement of Insertion Loss of Hearing Protection Devices in Continuous or Impulsive Noise Using Microphone-in-Real-Ear or Acoustic Test Fixture Procedures

This standard provides methods for the measurement of the insertion loss of hearing protection devices in specified continuous and impulsive noise environments. The microphone-in-real-ear (MIRE) method utilizes human test subjects and may be used for hearing protectors that enclose the ears and make supra-aural or circumaural contact with the head, whereas the acoustical test fixture (ATF) method employs an inanimate fixture and can be used for any hearing protection device. The standard contains information on instrumentation, calibration, and electroacoustic requirements including details regarding the sound field of test facilities, the acoustical characteristics of ATFs, and subject selection and training and location of ear-mounted microphones for MIRE testing. Methods for measuring or determining sound pressure levels in the ear are also specified as well as methods for reporting the calculated insertion loss.

Acoustical Society of America [asa]

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