ANSI X9.93 Set

Financial transaction messages - Electronic benefits transfer (EBT) (contains errata)

These two standards provide all parties involved in Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) transactions with technical specifications for exchanging financial transaction messages. The documents standardize message formats based on the ISO 8583 standard and thereby maximize EBT productivity for all stakeholders in the industry. These standards describe messages in an offline and online processing environment. It also specifies message structure, format and content, data elements and values for data elements used in EBT. This collection includes ANSI X9.93-2014 Part 1, ANSI X9.93-2014 Part 2 and ANSI X9.93-2014 Part 2 - Errata.

ANSI X9.93 Set includes:

Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ascx9]

Financial Transaction Messages - Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) - WIC Retailer Interface Standard ...
Financial Transaction Messages - Electronic Benefits Transfer EBT - WIC Retailer Interface