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X9.100 Core Check Printer Package

X9.100 Core Check Printer Package

The Core Check Printer package contains the standards necessary for printing compliant checks and deposit tickets. These standards cover the design and manufacturing of checks including paper, magnetic ink codeline placement and testing, background for both front and back (with endorsement areas). Design elements include what you need to know to support successful capture and processing of check information through both MICR and OCR processes. It includes information on sample specification forms that banks typically supply to vendors that fulfill print orders. The following standards are included in this package: ANSI X9.100-10-2021 Paper for MICR Documents; ANSI X9.100-20-2021 Print and Test Specifications for Magnetic Ink Printing; X9.100-30-2011 (S2022) Optical Measurement Specifications for MICR Documents; ANSI X9.100-160-1-2021 - Magnetic Ink Printing (MICR) Part 1: Placement and Location; ANSI X9.100-160-2-2020 Magnetic Ink (MICR) - Part 2: EPC Field Use; ANSI X9.100-110-2021 Document Imaging Compatibility; ANSI X9.100-111-2018 Check Endorsements

X9.100 Core Check Printer Package includes:

Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ascx9]

X9 Designing for Image Compatibility Collection
Understanding, Designing, and Producing Checks
Check Image Exchange Basics Collection (Formerly Check 21)