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ANSI Z21.20a-2008 (R2016)

ANSI Z21.20a-2008 - Addenda 1 to ANSI Z21.20-2005, Automatic Gas Ignition Systems and Components


The standards set forth herein apply to the fourteenth edition of the Standard for Automatic Gas Ignition Systems and Components, ANSI Z21.20-2005, and supersede corresponding standards therein. Following their preparation by the supervising Technical Advisory Group, they were accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and subsequently approved.


1.1.1 This standard applies to newly produced automatic gas ignition systems (see Part IV, Definitions) and components constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials. An automatic gas ignition system shall perform the following functions:

a. Ignite the gas at the main burner(s), or at the pilot burner(s) so it can ignite the main burner(s); b. Prove the presence of either the ignition source, the main burner flame, or both; and c. Automatically act to shut off the gas supply to the main burner(s), or to the pilot and the main burner(s), when the supervised flame or ignition source is not proved. Components submitted for examination under this standard shall perform one or more of the above functions.

1.1.2 This standard applies to automatic gas ignition systems which also serve as oxygen depletion safety shutoff (ODS) systems (see Part IV, Definitions).

1.1.3 This standard covers automatic gas ignition systems and components intended primarily for use with gas appliances having inputs of 400,000 Btu/hr (117 228 W) or less per individual combustion chamber.

1.1.4 This standard applies to automatic gas ignition systems and components for use with one or more of the following gases: a. Natural; b. Manufactured; c. Mixed; d. Liquefied petroleum; and e. LP gas-air mixtures.

1.1.5 Compliance of an automatic gas ignition system or component with this standard does not imply that such a system or component of such a system is acceptable for use on gas appliances without supplemental tests with the device(s) applied to the particular appliance design.

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