CSA ANSI/CSA HGV 4.8-2012 (R2018)

Hydrogen gas vehicle fueling station compressor guidelines

Scope   1.1 This standard contains safety requirements for material, design, manufacture and testing of gaseous hydrogen compressor packages used in fueling station service. This standard applies to newly manufactured equipment designed primarily to provide compressed hydrogen for vehicle fueling stations.   This standard does not apply to:   a) Vehicle Fueling Appliances for HGV   b) Compressor packages used for non-vehicular fuel applications (e.g. power generation units)   c) Internal combustion engine driven compressor   All references to pressure throughout this document are to be considered gauge pressures unless otherwise specified. If the value for measurement as given in this standard is followed by an equivalent value in other units, the first stated value is to be regarded as the specification.   Test gas as specified in these requirements shall be:   - hydrogen or helium for leak tests,   - liquids (e.g., water or oil ) for hydrostatic strength tests,   - hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, or dry air for all other tests.

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