CSA C22.1-12

Canadian electrical code, Part I (22nd Edition) - Safety standard for electrical installations

This Code covers all electrical work and electrical equipment operating or intended to operate at all voltages in electrical installations for buildings, structures, and premises, including factory-built relocatable and non-relocatable structures, and self-propelled marine vessels stationary for periods exceeding five months and connected to a shore supply of electricity continuously or from time to time, with the following exceptions (a) installations or equipment employed by an electric, communication, or community antenna distribution system utility in the exercise of its function as a utility, as recognized by the regulatory authority having jurisdiction, and located outdoors or in buildings or sections of buildings used for that purpose; (b) equipment and facilities that are used in the operation of an electric railway and are supplied exclusively from circuits that supply the motive power; (c) installations or equipment used for railway signalling and railway communication purposes, and located outdoors or in buildings or sections of buildings used exclusively for such installations; (d) aircraft; and electrical systems in ships that are regulated under Transport Canada. For mines and quarry applications, see also CSA M421. This Code and any standards referenced in it do not make or imply any assurance or guarantee by the authority adopting this Code with respect to life expectancy, durability, or operating performance of equipment and materials so referenced.

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