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DS/ISO 7176-16:2013

Wheelchairs - Part 16: Resistance to ignition of postural support devices

This part of ISO 7176 specifies requirements and test methods to assess the resistance to ignition by match*flame equivalent of all postural support devices that are supplied to be part of a wheelchair. This standard*does not apply to postural support devices intended primarily to protect tissue integrity (as defined in*ISO 16840-X).*This standard applies to postural support devices (e.g. a sling seat or a sling back) upon which a nonintegrated*postural support device (e.g. a cushion) can be positioned. The standard only determines the*resistance to ignition of the devices tested and not the ignitability of the complete wheelchair.*This standard does not apply to the resistance to ignition of other parts of a wheelchair, e.g. wheels,*framework, etc.*This standard does not take into consideration changes in resistance to ignition as a result of washing or use.*This standard allows for the separate testing of inferior/superior supports (e.g. arm supports) which are usually*used in the horizontal plane from anterior/posterior/lateral/medial supports (e.g. thoracic harnesses, calf*panels) which are usually used in the vertical plane.*NOTE 1 The requirements of this standard have been set at a basic minimum level and are less severe than mandatory*requirements in some countries. Manufacturers are recommended to use materials with superior resistance to ignition*where practical.*NOTE 2 Requirements for the control of risks from sources of fire created by electrical and electronic components are*included in ISO 7176-14.*NOTE 3 Until such time as a flammability standard is available for testing other components or accessories of the*wheelchair it is recommended that any structural components considered to be at risk are tested at least to the ignitability*levels of this standard.*

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