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SAE EIA 649B-2014 (SAE EIA649B-2014)

Configuration Management Standard

When effectively applied, Configuration Management (CM) provides a positive impact on product life cycle cost. This standard is intended to be used when establishing, performing, or evaluating CM processes. CM is a comprehensive process for maintaining consistency of any product's performance, functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information. The essence of CM, as portrayed in this standard, is the common sense application of CM functions and their underlying fundamental truths (principles), which have universal applicability across the broad spectrum of commerical and governmental enterprises around the globe. An understanding of not just what to do, by why, is necessary to tailor the applicaiton of CM functions. This standard fulfills an important function; it provides the rational basis upon whis to apply good jundgment in both planning for and excuting CM.

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