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ANSI/PSAI Z4.1-2016

Sanitation - In Places of Employment - Minimum Requirements

This standard applies to minimum requirements for sanitation in all places of employment except where domestic, mining or common carrier transportation work only is performed. It does not apply to temporary employment locations or places where non-sewered waste disposal systems are in use as those are covered in American National Standard: For Sanitation Non-Sewered Waste Disposal Systems: Minimum Requirements, ANSI/PSAI Z4.3-2016. It also does not apply to family housing provided by the employer in one- or two-family dwellings, or to temporary labor camps; these are covered by American National Standard: For Sanitation in Temporary Labor Camps: Minimum Requirements, ANSI/PSAI Z4.4-2016. Measures to control toxic materials are outside the cope of this standard.

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