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ANSI S1.40-2006

American National Standard Specifications and Verification Procedures for Sound Calibrators

This Standard specifies performance requirements for coupler-type sound calibrators. It replaces ANSI S1.40-1984 American National Standard Specifications for Acoustical Calibrators, and is technically equivalent (except for the absence of requirements for radio-frequency emissions) to International Standard IEC 60942:2003, Electroacoustics - Sound calibrators. The standard specifies performance requirements for the sound pressure level, frequency, and total distortion generated by a sound calibrator. It also provides requirements for the influence of environmental conditions, for electromagnetic compatibility, and for instrument marking and documentation. The standard gives details of the tests necessary to verify that a model of sound calibrator conforms to all the requirements, as well as details of the method for periodic testing of a sound calibrator. The tests require the determination of the actual uncertainties of measurement which are to not exceed the maximum uncertainties allowed for laboratory measurements.

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Acoustical Society of America [ASA]

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