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CGA E-3-2021

Standard for Low Pressure Pipeline Station Outlet/Regulator Inlet Connections - 5th Edition

This standard specifies the connections on removable pipeline regulators and station outlets used in the welding, cutting, and allied processes where the pipeline pressure does not exceed 200 psi (1380 kPa). Removable connections are those that are commonly and readily engaged or disengaged in routine use and service. A regulator connected to or in the pipeline by pipe threads, bolted flanges, etc., is not considered removable. Therefore, this standard does not apply to the following: regulators built into equipment so as to become an integral part of a larger device; high capacity regulators generally used in fixed locations and provided with inlet fittings larger than covered in this standard; and regulators attached to the pipeline by pipe threads, flanges, etc. All new pipeline installations shall incorporate the connections specified in Section 5.

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