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CSA C22.2 No. 1335.2.14-1993 (R2013)

C22.2 NO. 1335.2.14-93 (R2013) - Portable Electrical Motor-Operated and Heating Appliances: Particular Requirements for Electrical Motor-Operated Kitchen Appliances

1. Scope

This clause of CSA Standard C22.2 No. 1335.1 is applicable except as follows:

1.1 Addition This standard applies to electric kitchen appliances and to accessories intended to be used with multi-purpose kitchen appliances.

Examples of kitchen appliances are: (a) mixers; (b) cream whippers; (c) egg beaters; (d) blenders for liquids; (e) blenders for food; (f) sieving appliances; (g) churns; (h) ice-cream appliances, including bucket type and those for use in refrigerators; (i) citrus fruit juice squeezers; (j) centrifugal juicers for fruit and vegetables; (k) appliances provided with a worm conveyor, such as mincers, noodle attachments and berry juice extractors; (l) slicing apppliances for bread, cheese, meat and the like; (m) slicing appliances for beans; (n) potato peelers; (o) graters and shredding appliances for vegetables and fruits; (p) cheese graters; (q) knife sharpeners; (r) can openers; (s) knives; (t) food processors; (u) pasta mixer-extruders; (v) baby-food grinders and choppers; (w) ice crushers; (x) coffee mills; and (y) coffee and grain grinders. Notes: (1) When the term refrigerators is used, it includes freezers. (2) Coffee grinding and coffee milling attachments intended to be used in combination with multi-purpose kitchen machines are within the scope of this standard.

1.6.101 Limitations This standard does not apply to: (a) kitchen appliances incorporating heating elements; (b) slicing appliances provided with a circular knife the blade of which is inclined at an angle exceeding 45° to the vertical. (c) kitchen appliances marked exclusively for industrial or commercial purposes; (d) kitchen appliances intended to be used in locations where special conditions prevail, such as the presence of a corrosive or explosive atmosphere (dust, vapour or gas); (e) food waste disposers, which are covered by a separate Particular Standard.

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