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IEC 60068-2-69 Ed. 3.0 b:2017

Environmental testing - Part 2-69: Tests - Test Te/Tc: Solderability testing of electronic components and printed boards by the wetting balance (force measurement) method

IEC 60068-2-69:2017 outlines test Te/Tc, the solder bath wetting balance method and the solder globule wetting balance method to determine, quantitatively, the solderability of the terminations. Data obtained by these methods are not intended to be used as absolute quantitative data for pass–fail purposes.
 The procedures describe the solder bath wetting balance method and the solder globule wetting balance method. They are applicable to components and printed boards with metallic terminations and metallized solder pads.
 This document provides the measurement procedures for solder alloys both with and without lead (Pb).
 This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
 - integration of IEC 60068-2-54;
 - inclusion of tests of printed boards;
 - inclusion of new component types, and updating test parameters for the whole component list;
 - inclusion of a new gauge R & R test protocol to ensure that the respective wetting balance equipment is correctly calibrated.

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