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ANSI INCITS 38-1988 (R1999)

Codes - Identification of the States, the District of Columbia, and the Outlying and Associated Areas of the United States for Information Interchange (formerly ANSI X3.38-1988 (R1999))

Provides two-digit numeric representations and two-letter alphabetic representations for: (1) Each state of the United States, (2) The District of Columbia, and (3) The Outlying and Associated areas of the United States. This is the second public review for this standard. It was originally listed in the May 12, 1995 issue of Standards Action. It is being resubmitted due to substantial changes to the text. Order From: Electronic Copy: NCITS Storefront at: Hardcopy: Global Engineering Documents, Inc. 15 Inverness Way East Englewood, CO 80112-5704 (800) 854-7179

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