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ISO 12925-1:2018

Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (class L) - Family C (gears) - Part 1: Specifications for lubricants for enclosed gear systems

ISO 12925-1:2018 establishes the specifications relative to family C (gears) for lubricants, industrial oils and related products of Class L (see ISO 6743‑6). This document deals only with lubricants for enclosed gear systems. Lubricants for open gears and greases for gears (enclosed or open) are not covered.

ISO 12925-1:2018 can be read in conjunction with ISO 6743‑6. The following categories specified in ISO 6743‑6 are covered by this document: CKB, CKC, CKD, CKE, CKSMP, CKTG, CKES, CKPG, CKPR.

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International Organization for Standardization [ISO]

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