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NFPA 1123-2018

NFPA 1123 Code for Fireworks Display, 2018 edition

Provide public and operator safety around outdoor professional fireworks with the 2018 edition of NFPA 1123.  NFPA 1123: Code for Fireworks Display provides information on how professional outdoor fireworks displays are to be set up in order to protect both the safety of the workers handling the fireworks and those attending the fireworks display. This important 2018 edition not only clarifies existing requirements, it also adds new requirements based on industry changes.  Trust the Code for comprehensive safety rules, such as how to:  Safely set up/install a professional fireworks display form the ground, elevated platforms, and floating vessels and platforms Determine how far away the audience should be from the fireworks displaying Establish regulations for state certification of display operators Establish permits for fireworks displays Event and venue managers; state fire marshals, local AHJs, and other enforcing officials; insurance professionals, and display operators all need the 2018 edition with updates including:  Changes addressing the stability of pyrotechnic devices and mortars, including prohibiting the use of plastic or zip ties to secure devices Added performance requirements covering rack construction and materials to help ensure that the entire system functions as designed and protects technicians and the public from injury should a catastrophic malfunction occur New subsection 4.7.1 addressing the use of trailers that are typically dense packed and are increasingly used for firing. This new subsection includes requirements on construction materials and the security and stabilization of racks on such trailers Requirements for additional information in the site plan for the use of elevated firing locations, to assist the AHJ in the evaluation and approval of spectator separation distances New annex material clarifying that the term fallout area does not include areas where cardboard and nonhazardous remnants of pyrotechnic devices might fall to the ground New annex material recommending the addition of eight hours of continuing education requirements for fireworks operator license renewal every four years Prevent injuries to the viewing audience and fires that could cause property damage.  If you're responsible for safety around fireworks displays, don't work without the 2018 edition of NFPA 1123. (Softbound, 52 pp., 2018)

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