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NFPA 402-2019

NFPA 402 Guide for Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Operations, 2019 edition

This guide provides information relative to aircraft rescue and fire-fighting operations and procedures for airport and structural fire departments. Statistics indicate that approximately 80 percent of all major commercial aircraft accidents occur in the critical rescue and fire-fighting access area. This is the primary response area for airport-based ARFF services. Approximately 15 percent of the accidents occur in the approach areas. In such instances the community/mutual services could be the prime responders. Some airport fire departments have the total fire prevention and fire protection responsibility for the entire airport, including structural fire-fighting responsibilities in terminal buildings, aircraft hangars, airport hotels, cargo buildings, and other facilities. Procedures for these fire prevention and protection operations are not covered in this guide. This guide has been prepared for the use and guidance of those charged with the responsibility of providing and maintaining aircraft rescue and fire-fighting (ARFF) services on airports.This guide’s content is also intended for the use of structural fire departments to assist them in developing methods to effectively handle aircraft incidents that might occur within their jurisdiction. It also provides for a basis of understanding, relative to emergencies on airports, that would enhance structural fire departments’ effectiveness when called to assist airport fire departments.

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National Fire Protection Association [NFPA]


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