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Cryogenics Standards

Working with materials at very low temperatures, standards are needed to ensure maximum safety. Management and general guidelines are necessary to transport or store cryogens effectively and efficiently. Many other factors such as air quality, pressure and proper management of vessels are also included in cryogenic standards.
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General Cryogenic Standards

General Cryogenic Standards covers the safe design and operation of cyrogenic enclosures as well as going into air quality and insulation. Having a safe design as well as properly managing the air quality is essential to have a safe environment. These general standards for cryogenic standards can provide guidelines to safely operate a cryogenic operation.

Cryogenic Management

Cryogenic Management looks at the installment and maintenance of pumps for the use of handling liquid cryogens. Along with maintenance, preventing fractures in piping and other management techniques are recommended in these standards.

Steel and Other Components

Steel and other Components provides standards that give specifications for metals that can be used in cryogenic conditions or application.

Cryogenic Liquids

Cyrogenic Liquids focuses on the codes, safe handling, transport and storage of the cryogenic liquids and fluids carried in tanks and vessels. The cost of transportation and storage of cryogenic liquids is lower than the transportation and storage of compressed gases. Many of these standards have specific procedures for different cryogens in order to understand all the hazards making it as risk free as possible.

Cryogenic Vessels

Cryogenic vessels are an efficient and convenient way to transport liquid cryogens. This category of standards specifies how the vessels are designed, the operational requirements and other important services and devices to make transporting and storing liquid cryogens as safe as possible.

Hose Assembly

This category goes into the specifications of hose assembly. Standards specify for metal and reinforced as well as cryogenic liquid and oxygen.


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