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Dentistry Standards

ISO Dentistry standards cover a range of topics, such as rotary tools, material properties and handling, implants, handpieces, data management, and even the furniture in the dentist's office. The majority of these standards address the tools and materials used in dental procedures, given the scope of their variety and the need for them to all work with each other and with the patient.
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Dentistry Materials Standards

Materials and amalgams used in dentistry adhere to requirements to assure compatibility with both the human body and the equipment used to manipulate them. These standards provide guidance on testing wear, adhesion, compatibility, and corrosion, as well as setting out requirements and test methods for materials. Packaging and marking requirements are also included, to provide consistency and reliability in the use of dental materials.

Rotary Dentistry Tools

Dental rotary instrument standards address cutter materials, shank materials, burs, diamond instruments, and number coding systems for the entire range. Quality control, dimensional data, measurements methods, and other relevant requirements are included. Together, these ISO standards catalogue the spectrum of rotary tools.

Dental Implants

Dental implants, a key component of dental services and offerings, put a heavy focus on biocompatibility and reliability over time. Included within are designation systems and data sets, requirements for the instruments and accessories used in dental implant procedures, and test methods for torsion, loosening, and fatiguing. Together, these standards cover the entire process from development to implantation.

Dentistry Tools

The tools utilized in dentistry are specific to their function and standardized as such. Included are handpieces, probes, elevators, excavators, curettes, scalars, and more. These standards address material, performance, and dimensional requirements for a range of sub-types of these tools, together providing a robust toolkit for the development and use of dental tools.


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