Quality Assurance

General fastener standards include dictionaries of terminology, abbreviations, and designations applicable to multiple types of fasteners, across multiple applications and industries, serving as a foundation for more nuanced standards that are then free to delve into the specifics of a specific type of fastener to be used in a specific application. Additionally, standards have been developed for quality assurance to promote both thoroughness and fairness in assessments. This list addresses quality assurnace plans for fastener manufacturing.

ISO 16426:2002

Fasteners - Quality assurance system

ISO 16426 specifies requirements for a fastener quality assurance system to be met by the fastener manufacturers and distributors. These requirements are intended to reduce or prevent the production of non-conforming fasteners with the objective of approaching zero defects for the characteristics specified. This International Standard outlines the requirements from receipt of raw material through the manufacturing process to delivery at the distributor or the user, who is the installer.

ISO 3269:2019

Fasteners - Acceptance inspection

This document specifies an inspection procedure to be used by the purchaser where no prior agreement exists. It also specifies a reference acceptance procedure for acceptance or rejection of an inspection lot, when no agreement can be reached between the purchaser and the supplier, or where conformance to specification is disputed. It applies to inspection lots of bolts, screws, studs, nuts, pins, washers, rivets and other related fasteners. This document applies to fasteners not intended for high volume machine assembly, special-purpose applications or specially engineered applications requiring more advanced in-process control and lot traceability. For in-process control or final inspection by the manufacture and sorting, see ISO 16426.


Quality Assurance Requirements for Fastener Testing Laboratories

This standard establishes requirements for quality assurance systems and guidelines for technical competency of fastener testing laboratories.


Procedures of a Fastener Quality Plan for Manufacture and Alteration

This standard establishes recommended procedures to assist fastener manufacturers and alteration distributors in the development of quality assurance systems which are intended to produce quality products in a cost effective manner. These recommended procedures will allow an organization to continually improve operational effectiveness.