Semiconductor Standards cover the entire supply chain, from design and fabrication, to testing, following through to design specifications for devices using semiconductors, as well as their testing and use-cases. Covering everything from the simplest devices to devices designed for the demanding environments of avionics, semiconductor standards address the whole semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor Device Standards

Semiconductor Device Standards focus on IEC published series, including IEC series 60747, 62047, 61290, 61291, and 61292. Besides those, devices such as switchgear/controlgear, converters, X-ray machines, and others are addressed. The device that a semiconductor is intended for dictates the properties of the semiconductor, so the standards that apply to the design and test methods for the device are relevant for the semiconductor, as well as larger devices in which these are included.

Semiconductor Fabrication Standards

Semiconductor Fabrication Standards cover the production process of semiconductors. Given the importance of clean rooms, these standards address gas distribution in that context, as well as the use and quality of water. Additionally, IEC 62258 provides information about semiconductor die products. Other topics of importance are included as well, such as EM immunity, examination of semiconductors, and aerospace-specific requirements.

Semiconductor Testing Standards

Semiconductor Testing Standards cover various methods of testing. Contributed to in large part by IEC 60749, a lengthy series of standards detailing mechanical and climatic test methods, semiconductor testing standardization extends to electrostatic discharge (ESD) tests, radiation-hardness, and other reliability standards.

Other Semiconductor Standards

Other Semiconductor Standards provide additional information, methods, and processes beyond those included above. These include standards for both semiconductors and semiconductor devices, as well as the examination thereof and other areas of inquiry that don't fit into the above categories.