SmartGrid Packages

SmartGrid Interoperability Standards are available online. Collected here are Smart Grid standards from the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Catalog of Standards and the NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards, Release 3.0 (pdf link). Given the nature and goal of interoperability, most of the standards presented here are part of both the SGIP and the NIST Framework. For further information, please visit the NIST SmartGrid site.

ANSI C12. Smart Grid Meter Package

ANSI C12. Smart Grid Meter Package

The ANSI C12. Smart Grid Meter Package provides the requirements and guidance on electricity metering, watt hour meter sockets, device data tables, meter interfacing to data communication networks and type 2 optical ports. ANSI C12. Meter package also establishes performance criteria for thermal demand meters, mechanical demand registers and phase shifting devices used in metering. Test methods for transformer-rated meters and self contained "A" base watt hour meter are included in this package as well as a watt hour safety standard. This package contains all parts of NEMA ANSI C12. ANSI C12.1-2022 NEMA ANSI C12.4:1984 (R2011) ANSI C12.5-1978 (R2012) ANSI C12.6-1987 (R2016) ANSI C12.7-2022 ANSI C12.8-1981 (R2021) ANSI C12.9-2014 (R2021) ANSI C12.10:2011 (R2021) ANSI C12.11:2006 (R2019) ANSI C12.18:2006 (R2023) ANSI C12.20-2015 (Historical Document) ANSI C12.21:2006 (R2023) ANSI C12.19-2021 ANSI C12.22-2012 (R2020) NEMA C12.24 TR-2022

IEC 61850-SER Ed. 1.0 en:2023

Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - ALL PARTS

A 15% discount of the total catalogue price is included.
This pack contains the following:
 IEC TR 61850-1:2013
 IEC TS 61850-1-2:2020+AMD1:2022 CSV
 IEC TS 61850-2:2019
 IEC 61850-3:2013
 IEC 61850-4:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-5:2013+AMD1:2022 CSV
 IEC 61850-6:2009+AMD1:2018 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-1:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-2:2010+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-3:2010+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-4:2010+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC TR 61850-7-5:2021
 IEC TR 61850-7-6:2019
 IEC TS 61850-7-7:2018+AMD1:2023 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-410:2012+AMD1:2015 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-420:2021
 IEC TR 61850-7-500:2017
 IEC TR 61850-7-510:2021
 IEC 61850-8-1:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-8-2:2018
 IEC 61850-9-2:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3:2016
 IEC 61850-10:2012
 IEC TR 61850-10-3:2022
 IEC TS 61850-80-1:2016
 IEC TR 61850-80-3:2015
 IEC TS 61850-80-4:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-1:2010
 IEC TR 61850-90-2:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-3:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-4:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-5:2012
 IEC TR 61850-90-6:2018
 IEC TR 61850-90-7:2013
 IEC TR 61850-90-8:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-9:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-10:2017
 IEC TR 61850-90-11:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-12:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-13:2021
 IEC TR 61850-90-14:2021
 IEC TR 61850-90-16:2021
 IEC TR 61850-90-17:2017

IEC 62351-SER Ed. 1.0 en:2023

Power systems management and associated information exchange - Data and communications security - ALL PARTS

A 15% discount of the total catalogue price is included.
This pack contains the following:
 IEC TS 62351-1:2007
 IEC TS 62351-2:2008
 IEC 62351-3:2014+AMD1:2018+AMD2:2020 CSV
 IEC 62351-4:2018+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC TS 62351-5:2013
 IEC 62351-5:2023
 IEC 62351-6:2020
 IEC 62351-7:2017
 IEC 62351-8:2020
 IEC 62351-9:2017
 IEC TR 62351-10:2012
 IEC 62351-11:2016
 IEC TR 62351-12:2016
 IEC TR 62351-13:2016
 IEC TR 62351-90-1:2018
 IEC TR 62351-90-2:2018
 IEC TR 62351-90-3:2021
 IEC TS 62351-100-1:2018
 IEC TS 62351-100-3:2020
 IEC TS 62351-100-6:2022

IEEE 1547 Series-2019

IEEE Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems - IEEE 1547 Series (Bundle)

The IEEE Std 1547 series of interconnection standards with electric power systems (EPS) is a benchmark milestone demonstrating the open consensus process for standards development. It covers the technical specifications for, and testing of, the interconnection and provides requirements relevant to the performance, operation, testing, safety considerations, and maintenance of the interconnection. It includes general requirements, response to abnormal conditions, power quality, islanding, and test specifications and requirements for design, production, installation evaluation, commissioning, and periodic tests. These requirements are universally needed for interconnection of distributed resources, including synchronous machines, induction machines, or power inverters/converters and will be sufficient for most installations. It specifies the type, production, and commissioning tests that shall be performed and provides technical background and application details. It specifics alternative approaches and good practices for the design, operation, and integration of distributed resource island systems with electric power systems. It provides recommendations and guidance on the distribution secondary networks, including both spot networks and grid networks. Further, it does not interpret IEEE Std 1547 or other standards in the IEEE Std 1547 series. It also provides tips, techniques, and rules of thumb, and it addresses topics related to DR project implementation. IEEE 1547-2018, IEEE 1547-2018 Errata, IEEE 1547.1-2005, IEEE 1547.1-2005 Interpretation, IEEE 1547.2-2008, IEEE 1547.3-2007, IEEE 1547.4-2011, IEEE 1547.6-2011, IEEE 1547.7-2013, and IEEE 1547.1a-2015