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IEC 61850-SER Ed. 1.0 en:2023

Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - ALL PARTS

A 15% discount of the total catalogue price is included.
This pack contains the following:
 IEC TR 61850-1:2013
 IEC TS 61850-1-2:2020+AMD1:2022 CSV
 IEC TS 61850-2:2019
 IEC 61850-3:2013
 IEC 61850-4:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-5:2013+AMD1:2022 CSV
 IEC 61850-6:2009+AMD1:2018 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-1:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-2:2010+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-3:2010+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-4:2010+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC TR 61850-7-5:2021
 IEC TR 61850-7-6:2019
 IEC TS 61850-7-7:2018+AMD1:2023 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-410:2012+AMD1:2015 CSV
 IEC 61850-7-420:2021
 IEC TR 61850-7-500:2017
 IEC TR 61850-7-510:2021
 IEC 61850-8-1:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC 61850-8-2:2018
 IEC 61850-9-2:2011+AMD1:2020 CSV
 IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3:2016
 IEC 61850-10:2012
 IEC TR 61850-10-3:2022
 IEC TS 61850-80-1:2016
 IEC TR 61850-80-3:2015
 IEC TS 61850-80-4:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-1:2010
 IEC TR 61850-90-2:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-3:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-4:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-5:2012
 IEC TR 61850-90-6:2018
 S+ IEC/TR 61850-90-7 Ed. 2.0 en:2023 (Redline version)
 IEC TR 61850-90-8:2016
 IEC TR 61850-90-9:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-10:2017
 IEC TR 61850-90-11:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-12:2020
 IEC TR 61850-90-13:2021
 IEC TR 61850-90-14:2021
 IEC TR 61850-90-16:2021
 IEC TR 61850-90-17:2017
 IEC TR 61850-90-27:2023

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