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Elliptical Curves

Encryption and cryptography standards address a range of algorithms and applications, as well as a host of related security considerations that factor into successful implementation. Topics are divided below for ease of locating the standard you are looking for, although in many cases the categories are interrelated in the way they would be implemented in practice. Similarly, our page for IT Security contains interrelated standards that would be used in conjunction.

ISO/IEC 15946-5:2017

Information technology - Security techniques - Cryptographic techniques based on elliptic curves - Part 5: Elliptic curve generation

The ISO/IEC 15946 series specifies public-key cryptographic techniques based on elliptic curves described in ISO/IEC 15946 1. ISO/IEC 15946-5:2017 defines elliptic curve generation techniques useful for implementing the elliptic curve based mechanisms defined in ISO/IEC 29192 4, ISO/IEC 9796 3, ISO/IEC 11770 3, ISO/IEC 14888 3 and ISO/IEC 18033 2. ISO/IEC 15946-5:2017 is applicable to cryptographic techniques based on elliptic curves defined over finite fields of prime power order (including the special cases of prime order and characteristic two). This document is not applicable to the representation of elements of the underlying finite field (i.e. which basis is used). The ISO/IEC 15946 series does not specify the implementation of the techniques it defines. Interoperability of products complying with the ISO/IEC 15946 series will not be guaranteed.


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