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IPTV Metadata

IPTV metadata standards cover internet protocol television, and includes streaming services to watch TV shows and movies. This metadata includes values such as parental guidance warnings, cast and creator information and date of release and are published by CTA and ATIS. CTA 2033 covers specification for electronic program guide data interchange. ATIS standards cover emergency alerts, fault codes, and consumer domain device configuration.

CTA 2033-2008 (R2016)

A specification for Electronic Program Guide Data Interchange

The OpenEPG standard defines a field structure and access method for obtaining electronic program guide (EPG) data, also known as metadata, for describing audio-video content and its availability using IP-related protocols. The OpenEPG standard facilitates access by home entertainment devices to scheduled event data for terrestrial, cable and satellite programming; to video on demand (VOD) services and to content stored locally on a home networked device. OpenEPG allows for aggregation of metadata provided by multiple sources such as various metadata service providers (MSPs) including small and local MSPs (such as churches, schools, etc.) and personal metadata for content provided by a user.


IPTV Emergency Alert System Metadata Specification

Building upon the system requirements given in ATIS-0800010, Emergency Alert Service Provisioning Specifications, the IPTV Emergency Alert System Metadata Specification in this document defines an XML schema used for delivery of emergency alert signaling and information to the IPTV service providerÆs EAS Ingestion System (EIS), and for delivery of alert information and signaling to the IPTV Terminal Function on the consumer premesis. In addition, the document specifies the methods used to authenticate EAS data and audio files.


Metadata for IPTV Fault Codes

The fault codes defined in ATIS-0800028, Fault Codes for IPTV, require a metadata exchange between consumer domain devices and service provider and/or network provider systems. This document and the associated XML schema provide this metadata. NOTE û Annex A, UPTV Fault Code Metadata XML Description Scheme of this standard has also been formatted as a separate file and electronically packaged with this standard.


IPTV Consumer Domain Device Configuration Metadata

This document complements ATIS-0800017, Network Attachment and Initialization of Devices and Client Discovery of IPTV Services, by specifying the data structures (metadata) and transactions that are necessary to implement network attachment of IPTV Delivery Network Gateway (DNG) devices and IPTV Terminal Function (ITF) devices and the processes for service provider discovery, service provider attachment, and services discovery. NOTE - Annex B, ATIS IIF Consumer Domain Device Configuration Metadata Schema, of this Standard has also been formatted as a separate zip file and electronically packaged with this standard.


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