Metadata standards are split into ten categories: content, data exchange, device, education, geographic, graphic arts, health informatics, health informatics, IPTV, language, and telecom. Metadata is data about other data, and can provide information on the creation of data, its structure, referencences, and permissions for use. Each category has standards from publishers like ISO, CTA, INCITS, and more.

Content Metadata

Content metadata standards are published by SCTE, INCITS, CTA, ISO, DS, BS, SS, DIN, and ONORM. Content metadata describes values such as page titles, video descriptions, and topic of discussion. SCTE 236 describes grammar needed to represent content metadata. INCITS/ISO/IEC 11179 covers naming principles of metadata registries. CTA 861.3 covers HDR static metadata extensions and is available for free PDF download. ISO documents cover XML metadata interchange, metadata mapping procedures, basic attributes of metadata, extended classification metadata, statistical data and metadata exchange,meta object facility, and the Dublin core metadata element set. DS standards cover metadata dictionary structure and the minimum set of metadata for cinematographic works. BS standards cover the Dublin core metadata element set DCMI properties and classes and statistical data and metadata exchange. SS-ISO 15836 also covers the Dublin core metadata set properties and classes. DIN EN 15907 and ONORM EN 15744 both cover film identification.

Data Exchange Metadata

Data exchange metadata standards are published by INCITS, ATIS, ASTM, ISO/IEC, BS, ISO, DS, SIS, SS, AS, DI, and IEC, and cover metadata related to the exchange of information in an IT scenario. INCITS/ISO/IEC 11179 covers metadata registries and registration. The ATIS standard covers content on demand metadata schema and transactions. ASTM E2468 covers standard practices for metadata to support archived data management systems. ISO/IEC standards cover registration on metadata registries, metamodel for data set registration, multimedia description schemes, energy-efficient media consumption, object group management group XML metadata interchange, metadata registries profiles, data elements for achieving metadata registry, framework for ongoing ontologies, and social metadata. BS standards cover registration on metadata registries, Metadata for managing records Conceptual and implementation issues, and registry metamodel. DS standards cover Improving transparency in financial and business reporting, Self-assessment method, conceptual and implementation issues, multimedia description schemes, the Dublin core metadata element set, metadata for records, and registration on metadata registries. SIS-ISO/TR 23081 covers managing metadata for records. SS-ISO 23081 covers conceptual and implementation issues for managing record metadata. AS documents cover the AGLS Metadata Standard. DI-IPSC-80423 covers the Data Dictionary Directory Metadata Product. The IEC 82045 series covers document management.

Device Metadata

Device metadata standards are published by ATIS, DS, ISO, IEC, S+, and CSA, and are about information about the device on which a piece of data was created. ATIS-0800046 covers IPTV metadata for lightweight devices. DS standards cover metadata for identification of color gamut and data encoding protocol for television metadata. ISO documents cover JPSearch topics. IEC documents cover identification of color gamut and digital audio interface. S+ IEC 61966-12-1 also covers identification of color gamut. CSA R100 covers hydrometeorological monitoring stations.

Education Metadata

Education metadata standards are published by ISO/IEC, DS, SS, ONORM, and IEEE, and describe the attributes of learning services and related software and data. ISO/IEC documents cover technical, data, and educational elements, framework, Dublin core elements, and basic application profile of learning resource metadata. DS standards cover learning resource technical and educational elements and basic application profile.

Geographic Metadata

Geographic metadata standards are published by INCITS, DS, SS, ISO, DIN, BS, and SIS. INCITS standards cover the North American profile of ISO 19115 and XMl schema implementation for fundamental concepts. All standards cover geographic fundamentals and dXMl schema implementation.

Graphic Arts Metadata

Graphic arts metadata standards describe the software and artist that created a graphic image and are published by ISO and SS. ISO standards cover metadata for graphic arts workflow and print product metadata for PDF files. SS-ISO 21812 covers print product metadata for PDF files.

Health Informatics Metadata

Health informatics metadata standards are related to healthcare devices and may include patient information and are published by DIN, ONORM, ISO, and DS. DIN and ONORM standards cover clinical knowledge resources. ISO/TS 17948 covers traditional Chinese medicine literature. DS standards cover traditional Chinese literature and clinical knowledge sources.

IPTV Metadata

IPTV metadata standards cover internet protocol television, and includes streaming services to watch TV shows and movies. This metadata includes values such as parental guidance warnings, cast and creator information and date of release and are published by CTA and ATIS. CTA 2033 covers specification for electronic program guide data interchange. ATIS standards cover emergency alerts, fault codes, and consumer domain device configuration.

Language Metadata

Language metadata standards are published by ISO, DS, and BS. ISO and DS standards cover component metadata infrastructure. BS standards cover metadata for learning opportunities and language resource management.

Telecom Metadata

Telecom metadata standards are published by BS. They cover Procedures for achieving metadata registry content consistency and Using web services (machine-machine delivery) for ITS service delivery Quality of service. Telecom metadata relates to the use of telephones and communication services, so these standards are invaluable to engineers working with communication technologies.