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ISTA: International Safe Transit Association

ISTA, the International Safe Transit Association, is a nonprofit organization specific to concerns of transport packaging. ISTA is the leading industry developer of testing protocols and design standards that define how packages should perform to assure protection of their contents during the ever changing risks of the global distribution environment. It sets the standards for optimizing the resources in packages designed to be survivable, sustainable, and successful and to enhance the effectiveness of package design and testing. Standards from ISTA are available both individually, directly through the ANSI webstore, and as part of a Standards Subscription. If you or your organization are interested in easy, managed, online access to standards that can be shared, a Standards Subscription may be what you need - please contact us at: or 1-212-642-4980 or Request Proposal Price.

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ISTA Procedure 3A (18-18)

Packaged-Products for Parcel Delivery System Shipment 70 kg (150 lb) or Less

Test Procedure 3A is a general simulation test for individual packaged-products shipped through a parcel delivery system. The test is appropriate for four different types of packages commonly distributed as individual packages, either by air or ground. The types include standard, small, flat and elongated packages. 3A includes an optional test combining Random Vibration Under Low Pressure (simulated high altitude). This tests the container’s (whether primary package or transport package) ability to hold a seal or closure and the retention of contents (liquid, powder or gas) without leaking.

ISTA Procedure 2A

Packaged-Products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or Less

Test Procedure 2A covers partial simulation testing of individual packaged-products weighing 150 lb (68kg) or less when prepared for shipment.

ISTA Procedure 3E

Unitized Loads of Same Product

Test Procedure 3E covers general simulationtesting of unitized loads, made up of either single or multiple products or packages of the same products.

ISTA Procedure 3B

Packaged-Products for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipment

Test Procedure 3B covers the testing of packaged-products prepared for shipment via a Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) delivery system carrier. LTL is defined as motor carrier (truck) shipment, where different types of packaged-products, often from different shippers and intended for different ultimate destinations, are mixed in the same load

ISTA Procedure 2B

Packaged-Products weighing over 150 lb (68 kg)

Test Procedure 2B covers partial simulation testing of individual packaged-products weighing more than 150 lb (68 kg) when prepared for shipment.

ISTA Procedure 3H

Performance Test for Products or Packaged-Products in Mechanically Handled Bulk Transport Containers

Test Procedure 3H covers general simulation testing of bulk loads made up of one transport container or system consisting of the same product that because of their size and/or weight must be handled by mechanical means, for example, automotive parts in reusable racks.

ISTA Procedure 7D

Thermal Controlled Transport Packaging for Parcel Delivery System Shipment

Users should be aware of other packaging requirements (configurations, materials, weight and height limits, etc.) for the SamÆs Club system.


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