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ANSI/AGMA 2003-D19

Rating the Pitting Resistance and Bending Strength of Generated Straight Bevel, Zerol Bevel and Spiral Bevel Gear Teeth

This standard presents general formulas for rating pitting resistance and bending strength of generated straight bevel, zerol bevel and spiral bevel gear teeth, and supersedes the following previous standards:  - AGMA 212.02, Standard for Surface Durability (Pitting) Formulas for Straight Bevel and Zerol Bevel Gear Teeth - AGMA 216.01, Standard for Surface Durability (Pitting) Formulas for Spiral Bevel Gear Teeth - AGMA 222.02, Standard for Rating The Strength of Straight Bevel and Zerol Bevel Gear Teeth - AGMA 223.01, Standard for Rating the Strength of Spiral Bevel Gear Teeth  The purpose of standard 2003-A86 was to establish a common base for rating various types of bevel gears for differing applications and to encourage the maximum practical degree of uniformity and consistency between rating practices within the gear industry.  The formulas presented in this standard contain numerous terms whose individual values can vary significantly depending on application, system effects, accuracy and manufacturing method. Proper evaluation of these terms is essential for realistic rating. The knowledge and judgment required to properly evaluate the various rating factors come primarily from years of accumulated experience in designing, testing, manufacturing and operating similar gear units. The detailed treatment of the general rating formulas for specific product applications is best accomplished by those experienced in the field.  ANSI/AGMA 2003-A86 consolidated and updated previous standards to facilitate application by elimination of redundant material, and also to stress the importance of checking both pitting resistance and bending strength aspects to insure a reliable and well balanced design.  The first draft of ANSI/AGMA 2003-A86 was made in May 1980. It was approved by the AGMA membership in June, 1985. It was approved as an American National Standard on May 2, 1986, but was not published until early 1987. The edition contained editorial items which were discovered after publication and corrected by the members of the AGMA Gear Rating Committee in the spring of 1988.  AGMA 2003-B97 began as a proposal by the US Delegation to the International Standards Organization (ISO) in 1988 as an effort to reach a consensus. It contained revisions and updates which made it closer to ISO as follows:  - The calculations for dynamic factor and geometry factors appeared in a draft of ISO 10300; - The table for load distribution factor was the same as appears in a draft of ISO 10300; - The material grade requirements were similar to those of ISO 6336-5; - Each symbol used in AGMA 2003-B97 had the ISO equivalent symbol adjacent to it in parentheses.  Several significant changes were introduced in AGMA 2003-B97:  - The introduction of material grade requirements to provide guidance in the selection of stress numbers; - The replacement of the external dynamic factor; - Replacing the internal dynamic factor with a new dynamic factor; - Equations for size factor for bending and pitting resistance were introduced; - An adjustment of the load distribution factor; - Revision of the allowable stress numbers; - Elimination of the stress correction factor; - The life factor curve for pitting resistance was adjusted to compensate for revisions to previously mentioned factors; - The fundamental contact stress formula was adjusted to remove the term accommodating light load conditions.  The term zerol or Zerol is used to define a spiral bevel gear with a zero spiral angle. Zerol is a registered trademark of the Gleason Works.  This standard, ANSI/AGMA 2003-C10, is a revision of its superseded version. The size factor for pitting resistance addressed in clause 11, was updated to incorporate experience which has been gained with use of the standard. Editorial changes were made to equations 10M, C103M and figure 3. All other material in the standard remains unchanged.  The first draft of ANSI/AGMA 2003-C10 was made in November 2008. It was approved by the AGMA membership in March 4, 2010. It was approved as an American National Standard on March 17, 2010.

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