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ANSI/AGMA 6034-B92 (R2016)

Practice for Enclosed Cylindrical Wormgear Speed Reducers and Gearmotors

The purpose of this document is to provide rating and general design specifications for enclosed speed reducers incorporating cylindrical wormgearing in single or multiple reductions. It covers types of speed reducer designs most commonly made by a number of manufacturers.  The formulas presented in this standard contain terms whose individual values can vary significantly depending on application, system effects, accuracy, and manufacturing method. Proper evaluation of these terms is essential for realistic rating. The knowledge and judgment required to properly evaluate the various rating factors come primarily from years of accumulated experience in designing, testing, manufacturing, and operating similar gear units. The detailed treatment of the general rating formulas for specific product applications is best accomplished by those experienced in the field.  AGMA 6034--A87 was a revision of AGMA 440.04 -- 1971, and in addition contained information for cylindrical wormgear hollow output shaft speed reducers and for cylindrical wormgear gearmotors previously contained in AGMA 442.01 -- 1965 and 461.01 -- 1966. These two standards have been withdrawn.  AGMA 6034--A87 power rating formulas were unchanged from those provided in the now withdrawn AGMA 440.04 -- 1971.  Service factors which appeared in AGMA 440.04 and 461.01 were revised and placed in the annex rather than the body of AGMA 6034--A87. These factors for modification of basic power ratings have been determined through experience, and are intended as a guide. Suggested service factors for various applications were shown in Appendix A of AGMA 6034--A87 as an additional aid.  A draft of AGMA 6034--A87 was made in October 1982, and that version was approved by the AGMA membership in October 1987. In March 1988 it was approved as an American National Standard.  AGMA 6034--B92 is a revision of AGMA 6034--A87 which updates lubricant recommendations, removes bronze specifications by referring to AGMA 2004--B89, Gear Materials and Heat Treatment Manual, and includes other minor editorial changes.  AGMA 6034--B92 was approved as a revision by the AGMA membership in October, 1991.

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