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ANSI/AGMA 6113-A06 (R2011)

Standard for Industrial Enclosed Gear Drives (Metric Edition)

This standard includes design, rating, lubrication, testing and selection information for enclosed gear drives, including foot mounted, shaft mounted, screw conveyor drives and gearmotors. These drives include spur, helical, herringbone, double helical or bevel gearing in single or multistage arrangements, and wormgearing in multistage drives, as either parallel, concentric or right angle configurations. This standard combines and replaces the information previously found in ANSI/AGMA 6109-A00 and ANSI/AGMA 6110-F97. Metric version of ANSI/AGMA 6013-A06.
ISBN: 1-55589-823-8 Pages: 60

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American Gear Manufacturers Association [agma]

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