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AIAA S-114A-2020

Moving Mechanical Assemblies for Space and Launch Vehicles

This standard specifies general requirements for the design, manufacture, quality control, testing, and storage of moving mechanical assemblies (MMAs) to be used on space and launch vehicles. This standard is applicable to the mechanical or electromechanical devices that control the movement of a mechanical part of a space or launch vehicle relative to another part. The requirements apply to the overall MMA as well as to the mechanical components and instrumentation that are an integral part of these mechanical assemblies.

The most significant updates in this revision, relative to the previous (2005) version, include a reformatted and rewritten testing section, a new approach to calculating force/torque margin, and the elimination of the “shall, where practical” weighting level of requirements.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics [aiaa]

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