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Standard Specification for FRP Composite Utility Poles

This standard specification encompasses the design, materials, properties, manufacturing, quality control, assembly and installation, and inspection of directly embedded FRP utility poles. The standard provides information and guidance to end-users at investor-owned, municipal and rural electric utilities, allowing them to readily adopt composite products through internal specification documents. The standard has three sections including 1) General Considerations, 2) Pole Specifications, and 3) Recommended Construction Guidelines. The standard covers applications such as cantilevered, framed and combined structures. This specification does not cover cross arms, lattice structures, conductors, insulators, stand-offs or other FRP components used in the electrical grid. The standard is intended to educate users on the materials and processing aspects of FRP utility poles so they can select the best product solution for the application. In addition, this standard will help engineers and specifiers understand the differences of FRP composites relative to wood, concrete and steel when considering the intended application and use, as well as the important aspects of attachments and pole installation specific to FRP materials.

American National Standards Institute [ansi]

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