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ANSI/AWEA 61400-23-2014 (R2023)/IEC 64100-23:2014

Wind Turbines Part 23: Full-Scale Structural Testing of Rotor Blades

The ACP Wind Technical Standards Committee (WTSC) is proposing to reaffirm at its 5-year review ANSI/AWEA 61400-23 (2017), an identical national adoption of IEC 61400-23:2014. While the IEC is in a revision cycle for this standard, it could be three years until a revised standard is complete, so the WTSC is proposing to reaffirm so there is no gap in coverage. It is expected that another U.S. standards development organization will pursue the national adoption of this revised standard. Once that standard is in place, the WTSC plans to file to withdraw our standard to avoid duplicate or conflicting standards. This existing standard defines the requirements for full-scale structural testing of wind turbine blades and for the interpretation and evaluation of achieved test results. The standard focuses on aspects of testing related to an evaluation of the integrity of the blade, for use by manufacturers and third party investigators. The following tests are considered in this standard: - static load tests; - fatigue tests; - static load tests after fatigue tests; - tests determining other blade properties. The purpose of the tests is to confirm to an acceptable level of probability that the whole population of a blade type fulfills the design assumptions.

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