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ANSI/PRCA 1.0-.3-2014

Ropes Challenge Course Installation, Operation and Training Standards

This Standard establishes safety requirements for the design, manufacture, performance, construction, inspection, maintenance, removal from service, qualification, staff instruction, staff training, staff certification, use and operation of components, sub-systems, systems and courses utilized by the ropes challenge course industry. The standards cover apparatus specifically designed, engineered, manufactured, constructed, installed, and/or utilized by individuals/teams, through high or low, non-spotted, spotted or belayed activities, under trained facilitated supervision, guided or self-guided, are utilized as elements of experiential learning programs / curriculums and/or as adventure/ challenge recreational/commercial components or courses, tours or programs, indoors or outdoors, permanent, temporary or mobile. Including portable and fixed low elements, high elements, stand alone elements, zip lines, canopy tours, aerial adventure courses and any climbing walls and climbing structures that are components of a ropes challenge course.

American National Standards Institute [ansi]

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