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AHRI 551/591-SI-2018

Performance Rating of Water-chilling and Heat Pump Water-heating Packages Using the Vapor Compression Cycle

This standard applies to factory-made vapor compression refrigeration Water-chilling and Water-heating Packages including one or more compressors. These Water-chilling and Water-heating Packages include: Water-cooled, Air-cooled, or Evaporatively-cooled Condensers; Water-cooled heat recovery condensers; Air-to-water heat pumps; and Water-to-water heat pumps with a capacity greater or equal to 40 KW. Water-to-water heat pumps with a capacity less than 40 KW are covered by the latest edition of ASHRAE/ANSI/AHRI/ISO Standard 13256. Note: This standard includes products that may not currently be covered under an AHRI certification program.

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