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ANSI/ASA S12.76-2017 (R2020)

Measurement of Supersonic Jet Noise from Uninstalled Military Aircraft Engines

This standard describes procedures to measure jet noise from uninstalled military aircraft engines with supersonic exhaust flows. The methods pertain to propulsion systems mounted on outdoor test stands with appropriate inlets and representative nozzles. Detailed measurement procedures are described for near-field acoustical characterization. These data can be used to establish baseline noise levels, assess effectiveness of noise reduction technologies, estimate personnel noise exposure, and provide full-scale data for refinement of engine noise models. Far-field measurement procedures are described to provide data for estimates of community noise. This standard describes required measurement instrumentation, signal processing, data formatting, and measurement uncertainty. This standard does not apply to commercial engines, dual-use engines, or other engines covered by FAA/ICAO noise certification requirements.

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Acoustical Society of America [asa]

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