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ANSI/ASA S3.1-1999 (R2018)

Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels for Audiometric Test Rooms

This Standard species maximum permissible ambient noise levels (MPANLs) allowed in an audiometric test room that produce negligible masking (2 dB) of test signals presented at reference equivalent threshold levels specied in ANSI S3.6-1996 American National Standard Specication of Audiometers. The MPANLs are specied from 125 to 8000 Hz in octave and one-third octave band intervals for two audiometric testing conditions (ears covered and ears not covered) and for three test frequency ranges (125 to 8000 Hz, 250 to 8000 Hz, and 500 to 8000 Hz). The Standard is intended for use by all persons testing hearing and for distributors, installers, designers, and manufacturers of audiometric test rooms. This standard is a revision of ANSI S3.1-1991 American National Standard Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels for Audiometric Test Rooms.

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Acoustical Society of America [asa]

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