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ANSI/ASA S3.4-2007 (R2020)

Procedure for the Computation of Loudness of Steady Sounds (includes loudness program)

This standard specifies a procedure for calculating the monaural and binaural loudness of steady sounds as perceived by listeners with normal hearing. The procedure is based on the spectra of the sounds. The possible sounds include simple and complex tones (both harmonic and inharmonic), bands of noise and mixtures of tones and noise. The spectra can be specified exactly, in terms of the frequencies and levels of individual spectral components, or approximately, in terms of the levels in 1/3 octave bands covering center frequencies from 50 to 16,000 Hz. The standard is applicable to sounds presented in free field with a frontal incidence, in a diffuse field, or listening via headphones.

Acoustical Society of America [asa]

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