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ANSI X9.124-1-2023

Symmetric Key Cryptography for the Financial Services Industry Format Preserving Encryption - Part 1: Definitions and Mode

This standard defines a collection of modes for encrypting data strings so that the length and the character set for the ciphertext is the same as those of the plaintext. This is called format-preserving encryption (FPE). These methods are useful in situations where fixed-format data, such as Primary Account Numbers (PANs) or Social Security Numbers (SSNs), must be encrypted, but there is a requirement to limit changes to existing communication protocols, database schemata or application code. Part 1 of this standard includes a set of definitions common to all FPE techniques, a security model for FPE block cipher techniques, and a description of the pseudocode language used in defining the mode specified in this document.

Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ascx9]

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